Seven Sisters EP

by Colin Samurai

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released March 1, 2015

Production: Ash Gardner @ House of Strange Studios, London.

Cover Art: 'Govan' by Nick Hedges.



all rights reserved


Colin Samurai London, UK

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Track Name: Hard Times Require Furious Dancing
Dancing expresses everything
No matter what you bring;
Let your body say it for you.

Dance, when you are broken open
With everything you have
Moves to make you move and move again

Vital. Positive. Physical.
Displays of unity
From Freetown to Fylingdales.

When you are there, dancing on the street again,
You know something is not quite right.
Track Name: His Words Not Mine
Underneath the bridges sit the men
In the shade. They are low, they get high

Crack, tequila, meth-ampthetamine
On the run
(From the shit they've seen)
On the run
(From the shit they've done)

When i'm lonely I go sit with them
But some cans
(watch the tide come in)
Many times
(they have said to me)

Stay strong
Let the river take you to the sea
the truth alone will never set you free

Stay strong, when your knees and shaking and the ground is breaking
Stay strong, when the stakes are high and your soul is aching
Stay strong, when you can't get the damned monkey of your back
Stay strong, when your feet and jumping and your fists are pumping
Stay strong, when your head is spinning and your blood is thinning
Stay strong, when the heat is on but your wits are gone

Be safe, be strong, be free
Track Name: Red Dress
In the calm of the storm
In between dusk and dawn
Stands a man, a man in the red light
Hoping for more.
He talks to us all
As our darkness falls.
He was stuck, struck by that fire that we all know so well.

Because we're all still searching, finding meaning
Lost in feeling, tired of dreaming.

Too many lucky escapes, too many chances.
Track Name: Doodle
High on the hill where the stillness is jarring
There are things I have seen in the black light
Track Name: When I Wake UP
You wake me up on behalf of the new dawn
My troubled sleep telling tales of the night just gone
You know sometimes I find it hard just to breathe.
You wake me up and your smile is my remedy.

In the morning light all I need is you
Can we move together in this game of fools?

And there is a chance, and it's actually strong
That we can sort this shit out, once and for all
Because I know the truth, and as strange as it seems
Well I think i'm meant for you, and you're meant for me.